A Beautiful World: Bang Truong

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Photographer: Bang Truong | Stylist: Victoria Ceballos | Makeup Artist: Amy Richardson | Hair: Erin Winter | Model: Chauntelle Marie

Featured Photographer : Bang Truong
Written by Cher Padua 

Titian had it. Spielberg molded it. It radiated from the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Shakespeare and Gene Kelly – people who made names for themselves in different ways. And now, San Diego-based photographer Bang Truong is driven by it. It is the passion an individual feels for his work, his task, his ideas; Truong’s passion and LOVE for photography shines through not only his body of work, but also the way he talks about his art. “Photography is the most beautiful world I have ever entered,” Truong says.

Mainly a fashion and editorial photographer, Truong was drawn to this style of photography because, as he exclaims, “fashion is an art.” He is inspired by a variety of artists and fashion magazines, but is awed by virtually anything and everything. “I enjoy every minute once I pick up the camera. Every time I look through the viewfinder, I [am excited] to capture the subject.”

With the competitive nature of the job market and the way we are being constantly reminded to make money and get ahead, it is a rare thing to find something that you truly truly enjoy which you could eventually make a career out of. Luckily, for Truong, he may have found it. Starting with a small point and shoot camera, he found out that he loved the exploration of finding things to capture. Eventually, he found inspiration from other photographers’ work and thus began his entry into the world of fashion. He is driven by the eclectic nature of the fashion world. “I love to photograph dramatic pieces that people normally don’t wear on the street or anything typical.” He loves fashion and editorial work because, he believes, it gives him unlimited space to express his passion and creativity.

There is more to him that meets the eye, however. Ultimately, Truong’s very down-to-earth perspective on things is what ASTONISH loves about him, and what we believe can take him farther than what he has already accomplished. He has a self-proclaimed casual style of a combination of comfortable walking or running shoes, shorts, and t-shirts – most especially Armani Exchange ones. This coolness is echoed by the environment he prefers to be around. “I love [San Diego] the most compared to other cities I visited. I love the beaches here especially in La Jolla.” And regardless of being constantly surrounded by fashion and extravagance, Truong is less than materialistic and doesn’t have superfluous desires and expresses his love of spending time with great friends and family.

So there it is. What John Lennon pours into his songs, so Bang Truong does in his photographs and what others merely consider a hobby. After all, interest is what gets you started. But passion – and love – are what will give one the joie de vivre to tackle on the daily grind.

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