Model Behavior: Bekka Gunther

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Model Behavior: Bekka Gunther

We all know society’s assumptions about models, from eating disorders to having Zoolander-like level of intelligence. ASTONISH is on a mission to dispel these myths about models and modeling by highlighting the lives and experiences of professional models in the fashion industry. This week model Bekka Gunther talks about the realities behind five common myths about models based on her personal experience. She is currently signed by CW Talent (Los Angeles), Hollywood Model Management (Hollywood), No Ties Models (San Diego), Visage Models (Osaka, Japan), and MC2 Model Management (Miami). Bekka has been in several ad campaigns for brands such as Converse, PACSUN, Coca-Cola, has been on the cover of three magazines and featured in several fashion editorials.

MYTH: Models are rich, happy, and live a beautiful life.

BEKKA: Says who? Models are people. We have our moments just like anybody else. Actually, our lives are probably harder than most others in our age. We are continually under scrutiny, have to be on top of our game, constantly be aware of diet, body size, physical appearance, etc. Some of us start traveling very young, away from friends and family. Many times, we are the only ones looking out for ourselves. There is a small percentage of really successful models, those that are well known, for example. Are we beautiful? Well it’s a job requirement, so yes. Are we happy? Yes. But we can get sad and stressed out too. Are we all rich? No.

MYTH: There’s no such thing as rejection for models.

BEKKA: We face rejection every time we put ourselves out there. Every casting, every meeting with a potential agency. Rejection is a part of what we do. We learn to be okay with that.

MYTH: All models have eating disorders.

BEKKA: Not that I know of. I know girls who are unhealthy, but honestly most of the girls I know are healthy. We have to have strong will power and determination to keep ourselves fit. But it’s a no-brainer. If we let ourselves go, our careers slip away and there will be ten other beautiful girls who actually HAVE the determination and motivation to stay fit, ready to take our place.

MYTH: All models go to modeling school.

BEKKA: I taught myself. Make it important enough for you to do your research and LISTEN to advice that photographers and other successful models give you. It’s like any other job – you gotta know your shit.

MYTH: Models get to keep the clothes after shoots.

BEKKA: Not always. Never let clothes be the motivation behind doing a shoot or job.

MYTH: Models live the glamorous life.

BEKKA: I’d say we live a DIFFERENT life. It’s harder in more ways than one, compared to a “normal” life. But there are also WAY more opportunities in our careers to travel and experience different things. For example, I’ve already lived in Japan for 3 months and starting next year will be in Milan and London for a total of 5-6 months. I would never be able to do that unless I was a model.


Follow Bekka on her day to day adventures as a model through Twitter. Stay tuned for next week’s Model Behavior with model Brittny Ward.

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