Coco & Breezy X Dawn Richard “Goldenheart” Sunglass Collab

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Tonight our beauty editor Ashley Gomila hit up the event at Clumsy Cat in West Hollywood where Dawn Richard premiered her “Goldenheart” sun-glass collaboration with designers Coco & Breezy.
Coco and Breezy are 20-year-old identical twin accessory designers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Already making a name for them selves on the underground and online fashion scene, the twins have always defined themselves by their collective individuality. Coming from a city not known for its contributions to the fashion world. Working at the clothing store Metro Park, it helped them gain knowledge of customer service and keeping good clientele. Coco and Breezy were eager to learn all that they could about the world of fashion, and once they had a taste of it they quickly realized they wanted to do more. Always eager to work in an environment that would challenge them and amplify their professional growth.

Celebrities seen wearing their collection include Kelly Osbourne, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj , and many more.

Dawn Richards debut album titled, “Goldenheart” gave inspiration to her design shown below.

Goldenheart X Coco & Breezy


Dawn Richard, Deonte', and Ashley Gomila

Dawn Richard, Deonte’, and Ashley Gomila.

Coco, Ashley Gomila, & Breezy

Coco, Ashley Gomila, & Breezy.

Stylist Roman Sipe'

Stylist Roman Sipe’

Carly Mann

Carly Mann

Product Photography from Coco & Breezy West Hollywood Event.

Product Photography from Coco & Breezy West Hollywood Event.

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