ASTONISH was founded by Ryan Chua in January 2011 to provide both an online and print platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience. Spanning conventional media and social media, ASTONISH offers its subscribers an engaging and participative experience. The company’s unique approach includes the following:

ASTONISHWorld.com, the company’s exciting social media vehicle connects aspiring talents (the Talent) with leading professionals in the fashion and art industries (the Industry) and fashion and art enthusiasts (the Fans). It fosters collaboration and creative exchange among its subscribers, while showcasing the talents of emerging artists. Subscribers are also treated to riveting articles and interviews and have the opportunity to vote for their favorite new artists. Artists receiving the most votes will have the opportunity to be featured in ASTONISH Magazine.

ASTONISH: Fashion and Art Magazine is our beautifully crafted, user-content driven, fashion and art print magazine that showcases the talents of emerging artists. It is the true fashion and art magazine that inspires and engages its readers that are starved for fresh, visually driven content in an industry bombarded with over-commercialized publications. Issue 1: Love, Lust, Desire launched in the Fall of 2011 and received international acclaim. The magazine is currently on sale in over 30 countries worldwide and featured domestically in Barnes & Nobles, Hastings and Books-A-Million. Issue 2: Outer Beauty will launch in the spring of 2012.

Our Mission

The Mission of ASTONISH is to be the premier online and print platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talents for a global audience. It is a revolutionary media company that inspires and connects the fashion and art communities by integrating traditional print media and social media.


ASTONISHWorld.com is designed to be THE meeting place for the fashion and art industries. It has been expertly tailored to meet the needs of aspiring artists, industry professionals and enthusiasts of fashion and art. Its features include:


ASTONISHWorld.com features a private community for the Fashion and Arts Industries where members may interact, join groups and stay abreast of the latest information, news and trends. On the Community page, you can see the most recent activity, post status updates, reply to the updates of others, and share links, images and video with the community.


A directory of current member profiles, where you can add friends, message and invite friends to join groups.


You may join groups containing members with similar interests and vocations. Current groups include: Wardrobe Stylists, Models, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Fashion & Art Lovers, Bloggers, Artists and Fashion Designers. Coming Soon: Members will be able to form their own public groups and private groups that are by invitation only.


This is where industry discussions are held. You may start the conversation, or participate in an existing discussion.


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San Francisco, CA 94104-0563

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