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    Model Feature: Michelle Wilson

    Model Feature: Michelle Wilson


    Michelle Wilson is more than a model. She is also NYC’s “It” girl – her street style is always on point and if you happen to run into her in the street you can count on catching her among New York Citys fashionista’s, designers, and stylists. She’s a total babe and muse material. Our beauty editor, Ashley Gomila who also happens to work as one of LA’s top makeup artists- has been dying to get her brushes on this beauty. Alas, Astonish Magazine was able to assemble a killer team, including photographer DeAndre Dacosta & sought after stylist Jen Moore.


    Check out the Interview and Photos below:


    ASTONISH: Tell us what your go to style is when you are not posing for the camera.

    MICHELLE: My go to style when I’m not posing for the camera is, sexy street chic with a twist of androgyny. I love to dress in black with a little pop of color to pull it all together. Over size shirts with leather pleated skirts, a small leather backpack and bright suede shoes create my most  favorite ensembles.

    ASTONISH: Who are your top three people you follow on Instagram?

    MICHELLE: My top three people I follow on Instagram are, Tony Ellis (@tonyellisnyc), Emanuele Ferrari (@emanueleferrariph) and Steve Fan (@stevefanfotos). These three people are very talented photographers and are all non comparable. The first shoot New York based photographer, Tony Ellis and I produced it landed a 12 page spread in Nextdoormodel Magazine, Issue 6. Tony is a very strong photographer who has a strong message, “you only need to shoot a small amount of shots to get the right one. No need to keep shooting if you know you got the shot in 10 takes.” This really opened my eyes and made me realize that, with an outstanding photographer comes precious knowledge and with that knowledge, their craft becomes second nature.

     After being published in Nextdoormodel Magazine Issue 6, I was then introduced to the very talented Editor and Chief, Emanuele Ferrari who is also an amazing photographer based in Italy. Magazines with substance and character really intrigue me and makes my appreciation for the world of fashion even broader. Emanuel and I have followed each other and made a deal that when, (not if) I go to Italy, we will then shoot and create some amazing magic for the world to see.


    I always look up to photographers who know their craft inside and out and treat their career like a passion more than a task. This is truly why I follow Los Angeles, CA based photographer, Steve Fan. Fans work is amazing and very alluring to the eye. His recent work landed the cover story of Nextdoormodel Magzine, Issue 6. Residing in the state where I was raised as a child, Steve and I too have made a goal to shoot the next time I visit California.

    It’s amazing how all three of these people tie in together and how I followed them at 3 separate times. I think it’s more of a, “great minds think alike” moment. Rather than a pure coincidence.

    ASTONISH: Whats your one must have cosmetic item?

    MICHELLE: My must have cosmetic item is, MAC Mineralize, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. This product is amazing, it is an exfoliant that you use 1-3 times a week. It washes away all dead skin and helps with keeping your skin clear of blemishes , scaring and discoloration. Overall it’s amazing for keeping your face feeling refreshed and ready for the day! And not to mention, it’s really fun to wash your face with actual black Volcanic ash. It’s just like going to a really fun hands on museum! Pretty freaking cool!

    ASTONISH: What would be your dream runway to walk?

    MICHELLE: My dream runway to walk would have to be for, Alexander Wang. I love his overall vision and his designing esthetic. I am inspired by his crreativitive behind every garment he produces. It would be more than an honor to one day grace the runway for such a talented, remarkable and passionate designer. Truly a legend indeed.

    ASTONISH: Most exciting gig you’ve booked to date?

    MICHELLE: The most exciting gig I’ve booked to date was being the face of the SS14 Campaign for London brand, Bitching and Junkfood. Photographer, Lydia Garnett based out of London traveled to New York and met with her team to then shoot in the streets of NYC for the entire Campaign. Along side was Aaron Wenck, New York based Photographer/Videographer who filmed the fashion film portion of the campaign. The campaign is currently viewable at, www.butchingandjunkfood.com.
    Being requested for such an amazing brand was so touching and such a blessing to say the least. Such a wonderful, dynamic and creatively structured brand by the lovely, Marion Bergin.

    ASTONISH: Where do you see yourself in two years career wise?

    MICHELLE:  I see myself in two years career wise, traveling oversees booking amazing jobs via request bookings. I see myself as being a model held with very high regards and a well known name in this industry. I will in two years, have branded myself completely and become a model who will be known nationwide with just my face alone. Inspiring aspiring models and little children to reach for their dreams and make them a reality just like how I’ve done. My message and purpose now and then will be, to always reach for the top and even though you might not be their now, you will be there one day because you never quit and you put your all into it! God is amazing and with much faith and hard work, in two years I will truly get there!

    To follow Michelle directly, find her at @MFWilson_Model on instagram.

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    Music Feature: iRAWniQ

    Photographer - JB Ghuman, Jr. Hair Stylist - David Burgoyne Stylist - Brett Nelson

    Photographer – JB Ghuman, Jr.  Hair Stylist – David Burgoyne  Stylist – Brett Nelson  Custom Head Piece – Scott Williams

    iRAWniq is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan but currently calling Los Angeles her home.
    “I am a dreamer and a hustler, I love every moment of it because its inspiring and gratifying.”, says the 25 year old rapper.
    Six months after the release of “No One Said It Would Be Easy,” iRAWniQ is readying an EP titled “AlienPu$” that spotlights all of the sides of the dynamic rapper-singer. In a tough industry with what seems like a flooded market of female rappers, we asked iRAWniQ how she keeps a glass half full perfective while trying to stay focused with a taxing recording schedule. “Sometimes you wish you could just lock yourself away in the studio for days but realistically I can’t because I have to grind on the regular stuff. It’s a love hate thing but you learn appreciate it because it keeps you grounded and humble. It’s real and I know if I can handle this I can handle anything. It’s balance.”, iRAWniQ explains.

    Photographer – JB Ghuman, Jr. Hair Stylist – David Burgoyne Stylist – Brett Nelson

    Her style flirts with femininity but also has a distinct unique sense of individuality. Although, we will never see her in a Miley Cyrus inspired performance outfit iRAWniQ has plans to reinvent the word ‘sexy’. “I intend to push the envelope without being taboo. These are my thoughts, my life, however interpreted, with voice and reason. Artists can embody beauty, and even sexual enticement without shedding clothes.”, she adds.

     ASTONISH: Would you say your current style of music is at all influenced by    Britney Spears, Lauryn Hill or Nelly? If so, how so?
     iRAWniQ: You know what, I never thought about that like that. Maybe not so influenced, but those are def artists I respect. Britney will always be the princess of pop to me. She’s my childhood. And Neptunes  produced for both her and Nelly, and I’m  influenced by Pharrell so yes…that’s very interesting indeed. Lauryn is dope to me too.
     ASTONISH: What are some of the challenges with being an emerging artist?
     iRAWniQ: I think the most challenging part is creating quality music with the same intensity as other artists, all while maintaining a very extra curricular life. I work three diff gigs…and am a full time mom…so multi tasking on everyday stuff which is not related to the music can be taxing.
    ASTONISH: Where would you like to end up as a musician?
    iRAWniQ: Music is my expression and passion but I’m a business woman at the end of the day. You have to have balance if you want this to be an actual career. Everything in life has a mechanism, entertainment included. I started my own company, TRUNKLIFE Worldwide. I have always had the intention of being my own boss…primarily because I like to create my own rules.  I read a lot of books, journals. I list my weaknesses and strategize ways to build them. It’s pretty amazing how much you you learn when u stop talking, start listening and observe everything. I want to be relevant without necessarily being famous. Fame is nothing I desire. It comes with certain levels of success and I am open to it but it’s no where near a thought let alone a focus.
    ASTONISH: What does the name “iRAWniQ” derive? What’s the significance to its spelling?
     iRAWniQ: My name comes from the circumstances I’ve endured in life. My life is composed of too many paradoxes to explain and coincidence galore. So many coincidences, I started calling myself irawniq (pronounced ironic) and the spelling? I was just being creative. I consider myself a real person, down to earth. I don’t have a filter but I do have tact. RAW. And we gotta capitalize the RAW because that what it’s all about.
    Check out her new video “No One Said It Would Be Easy” shot by JB Ghuman Jr, director of the film Spork.

    Stay updated by following iRAWniQ on twitter and instagram @iRAWniQ and at www.soundcloud.com/irawniq.

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    Brands To Watch: Isolated Heroes


    Isolated Heroes is an optimistic clothing brand that causes wearers to escape to a hyper – realistic dystopian world. We empower wearers, transforming them into a surrealist, avant-garde tribe of future primitives.

    isolated heroes astonishworld
    Luxury Unisex Street wear label by Samantha McEwen.

    isolated heroes astonish world magazine

    We love Isolated Heroes choices in colors and prints, if you do you as well follow them at the links listed below or search them on ASOS to browse their current collection!






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    Music Feature: Jesse Saint John

    “As far as my personal style I like to remain pretty classic and sexy, like CKone.” – Jesse Saint John

    Photography: Andrea Castanon
    Mens Grooming: Ashley Gomila
    In an industry where image is everything and sound must keep up with visual aesthetics, Jesse Saint John has made a big mark in a small amount of time. Artists flock to Jesse for his eye and ear as an artist creative director & topline songwriter.  Keeping a focus on writing, he has written for Brooke Candy, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Icona Pop, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

    After catching the attention of singer/ songwriter Sia Furler, they have been creating together as well. With such a bright past we can only wonder whats next for this artist. “I plan on continuing developing my own artists sonically, as well as working in top 40.”, explains Saint John. “As a creative director I’m inspired by major iconic moments in pop culture like the VMAs and major pop As a creative director I’m inspired by major iconic moments in pop culture like the VMAs and major pop provocateurs.” he adds.

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    The Debut Collaborative PENDV X Zana Bayne SS14 Capsule Collection Arrives at Opening Ceremony


    PENDV X Zana Bayne gear up to present their collaborative capsule collection for NYFW

    IMG_9982 2

    But to be truly successful as that all purpose wardrobe expander, a capsule collection must possess a simple type of elegance. There’s no doubt that the PENDV x Zana Bayne Magnum Opus Capsule Collection also has that quality.

    “The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn with a suit or dress as well as with a simple t-shirt and jeans,” said Pendu.

    zana 3

    Both designers, who in addition to being partners in this endeavor are boyfriend and girlfriend, have their own records of success in fashion.

    Bayne is a self-made millennial woman. Beginning as a fashion blogger in high school, she envisioned making high-end, handmade leather harnesses and accessories, which she parlayed into a successful business. Her designs have steadily remained a top wardrobe choice for celebrities and their fashion stylists since her initial collection launched in 2010. Clients have included Madonna and Lady Gaga.

    Pendu has a lengthy resume which includes Fashion Photography, Creative Director and Product Branding. This collection was immediately well received and is currently being sold at highly regarded retailers such as Opening Ceremony.
    Their thoughts on their collection and NYFW follow:


    How did this collection manifest itself?
    Todd Pendu: Before I had even met Zana, I had been working out different ways to use the symbol for Sulphur in design. I first worked out these ideas using old 80′s Playboy magazines and drawing the shapes on the women. After Zana and I started spending more time together, I showed her these images and we got to talking about some possibilities.

    Zana Bayne: It all began with a bracelet. Todd and I had been trying to come up with a way to transform his inverted sulphur ‘Magnum Opus’ symbol into a harness, but had always imagined the design vertically. All of a sudden, it came to my mind to turn the shape horizontally, and then realized that it would fit perfectly around the wrist. Once that style was locked down, we started playing with the elements of that piece, seeing how many ways we could rework the shape to lend itself to different styles.


    Do you have a favorite client that owns a part of this collection?
    Todd Pendu: I’d have to say my favorite client has to be anyone who loves to wear their leather out to something like a dinner engagement or party as much as they love incorporating it into their sex life. I like that duality, but that’s just me. Anyone who finds that wearing the pieces expresses something of themselves though, is a favorite client. As far as names of people who own pieces, style muse Hannah Bronfman has been a fan since the beginning and she wears her “Chain Lynx” harness everywhere, which is very cool.

    Zana Bayne: I hate choosing favorites, as I love how all of our customers uniquely style their pieces. But for creativity points I would give the win to our friend Teresa Nasty who bought a set of the Magnum Opus Keychains to use as nipple clamps on one of her clients.

    zana dayne 1

    How has it been planning for NYFW?
    Zana Bayne: This season is completely different than last. In September we threw an awesome show for the Pendv x Zana Bayne collection in collaboration with Opening Ceremony’s SUPERPIER which featured DJ’s, live music, and dancers from the Legendary House of Ninja as well as a presentation with models. I also had worked on collaborations for Prabal Gurung and Sally LaPointe’s runway shows as well as preparing for my own collection’s presentation in Paris just a couple of weeks after. Right now we are in the midst of selling the PXZB collection that was shown in September (Opening Ceremony just got their shipment), and I am focusing 100 percent of my design effort on the Zana Bayne collection.

    Todd Pendu: For me, I saw the capsule collection debut in September as a way of introducing the brand to people who had never head of it, so I’m focusing on getting the pieces out there to the public. We now have Opening Ceremony and Shop Untitled (NYC) carrying the collection and the PENDV website is starting to really rev up with web sales. I wanted to use this time to build a proper foundation rather than trying to do too much at once, so I thought we should wait until September to do another collection together.

    Give us 3 bold words to describe what this collection means to you.
    Todd Pendu: Sex, Power, Freedom

    Zana Bayne: Strength, Allure, Desire


    Best way to wear this collection?
    Todd Pendu: The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn with a suit or dress as well as with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Whatever you wear, I think the pieces should be worn to accent your wardrobe much like jewelry; wear it in any way that enhances your own feeling of sexiness or sex appeal.

    Zana Bayne: The great thing about the collection is that there are so many different ways to integrate it into your wardrobe. For example, Todd tends to wear the more subtle styles like the Magnum Opus Bracelet, Lanyard, or Suspenders which add a touch of leather and hint of design without coming off too flashy. My favorite piece to wear is the Chain Lynx Harness which frames the silhouette of a shirtdress with perfection!

    zana 2

    What can we expect to see next from both designers?
    Todd Pendu: I will be working on a few topless swimwear designs that will be made available this summer as well as a few leather accessory items, and then look forward to working on a new collection to show in September.

    Zana Bayne: The Zana Bayne FW14 collection debuts in New York on Feb. 8, and the SS14 collection arrives in shops this spring.

    Written by: Michael Blankenheim
    Photographer: Elene Damenia