ASTONISHWorld Website Privacy Statement


ASTONISH Magazine is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement describes ASTONISH Magazine’s policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information through & ASTONISHWorld. When accessing & ASTONISHWorld, you consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in the Privacy Statement.

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Collection and Use of Information

Personal Information

By signing up with an ASTONISHWorld account, you provide us with your name, email, gender, and birth date. ASTONISHWorld gives you the opportunity to connect with friends, peers, colleagues, and employers. Once you register, you can provide additional information to make public such as a short biography, your location, your picture, your phone number, etc. Some of this information, for example, your name and username, is listed publicly on our Services, including on your profile page and in search results. Some Services, such as search, public user profiles and viewing lists, do not require registration.

We may use your contact information to send information about our Services or to market to you. You may unsubscribe from these messages by following the instructions contained within the messages or the instructions on our web site. If you email us, we may keep your message, email address and contact information to respond to your request. Providing the additional information described in this section is entirely optional.


ASTONISHWorld is a platform for people to share content with others and to showcase their portfolios, works, and interests to the rest of the community. Examples include status updates, photo and video uploads, sharing links, creating events and groups, commenting and writing on other users’ wall, or sending a message to another user. If you do not want us to store metadata associated with the content you share on ASTONISHWorld, please remove the metadata before uploading the content.

Site Activity on ASTONISHWorld

We keep track of some of your activities on ASTONISHWorld, such as adding another user, creating photo or video albums, indicating “like” on a post, and any other actions in which you provide information or content to us.

Information from Third Parties and other Websites

ASTONISHWorld may place programs with advertising partners and other third party companies / websites in which they share information with us:

We may inquire with our advertisers to tell us how our users responded to the ads. “Conversion tracking” or data sharing allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertisements and improve the quality of the advertisements on ASTONISHWorld.

We may receive information about whether or not you’ve seen or interacted with certain ads on other sites in order to measure the effectiveness of those ads.

Information from Other Users

We may collect information about you from other users in ASTONISHWorld, such as when a friend tags you in a photo, video, or place, provides friend details, or indicates a relationship with you.

Some of the content you share and the actions you take will show up on your friends’ home pages and other pages they visit.

If another user tags you in a photo or video or at a place, you can remove the tag. You can also limit who can see that you have been tagged on your profile from your privacy settings.

Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, it was otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or it was copied or stored by other users.

You understand that information might be re-shared or copied by other users.

Certain types of communications that you send to other users cannot be removed, such as messages.

When you post information on another user’s profile or comment on another user’s post, that information will be subject to the other user’s privacy settings.

If you use an external source to publish information to Facebook (such as a mobile application or a Connect site), you should check the privacy setting for that post, as it is set by that external source.

“Everyone” Information

Information set to “everyone” is publicly available information, just like your name, profile picture, and connections. Such information may, for example, be accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people not logged into ASTONISHWorld), be indexed by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and others without privacy limitations. Such information may also be associated with you, including your name and profile picture, even outside of ASTONISHWorld, such as on public search engines and when you visit other sites on the internet. The default privacy setting for certain types of information you post on ASTONISHWorld is set to “everyone”. You can review and change the default settings in your privacy settings. If you delete “everyone” content that you posted on ASTONISHWorld, we will remove it from your ASTONISHWorld profile, but have no control over its use outside of ASTONISHWorld.


We reserve the right to add special protections for minors (such as to provide them with an age-appropriate experience) and place restrictions on the ability of adults to share and connect with minors, recognizing this may provide minors a more limited experience on ASTONISHWorld.



ASTONISHWorld may change its Privacy Statement from time to time, and in ASTONISHWorld’s sole discretion. In the event of any changes, we will notify you by posting the amended policy on the website or notifying you via email regarding the changes. Regardless of future changes, the use of information we collect at the present moment is subject to the Privacy Statement in effect at the time such information is collected.

CONTACT US: If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at